As it begins to shower us with blessings,
Whenever my eyes meet the outside,
Whenever my ears hear its rhythmic sound!
I know it’s a rainy day! Is this excitement unusual?

Hearing its sound from the corrugated iron roof,
Sounds like a cheerful clap welcoming my unusual love,
Yes… the earthy scent when it rains.
Oh, Petrichor, why do I love you?

Why is my unusual love my usual preference?
Soil so dusty often makes us crusty,
But I heavily adore what meets my nostrils,
The earthy-musky smell of soil as rain falls,

To my heart, it feels lively,
To my nose, it smells lovely,
Even when it sounds absurd and unlikely,
Why do I love it wholeheartedly?

Experiencing Petrichor is like a force,
It propels the motion,
The motion that brings about this emotion,
Is my sense of smell extraordinarily made to love you?