Is it Silver? Is it gold? Is it all?
Popularity and fame?
Human honour and respect?
Can it all leave but the human empty?

You realise nothing is worth it when
All your humanity is lost. You submit
Rather to poverty and realise the
Greatest riches are found in love,
Kindness, forgiveness and humility
and you do realise no man is an island.

Don’t believe your own lies that you are selfish
No man wakes up thinking of himself
No one wakes up to give emptiness to the world
Never be apologetic that your heart meant for good
Even if things seem as confusing.

You wake up with good intentions don’t allow your
Visions to be derailed. Hurt and disappointed as you are
At yourself mostly don’t let your hope for
The good run dry and have hope that
While fires around you will never be
Put out but never put out the light within
Your heart safely laying and willing to shine.