I don’t know what tears you apart
I don’t know and will never be sure
Some answers left incomplete
Some questions unspoken
Stay united even when odds are against you

When whirlwinds have blown
On the rock your foundation is built
He that built and started the good
Work in you will finish it’s no longer
About what should perfection be

Neither what is seemingly right
in human eyes,
What matters is
take care of those God has given in your trust
never neglect them.

They are all you have and all you’ve got.
The friends and loved ones you are blessed with.
With their flaws and your flaws
Learn to embrace one another
So that whatever comes you remain standing still
and never forget
God loves you enough to heal you and to guide you.
Love for the next human begins when you love yourself
It means you love everyone
Whether we admit or not
our lives impacts one another
both directly and indirectly.