Tik, tik, tik, tik,
tik, tik, tok, tik,
tok, tik, tok.
Is the sound we all fear.
His request to hear, only a ticking clock.
Lights on faces covered,
Seeking more of the darkness felt around here!
We feel weird,
It feels weird after every peep endeavoured.
He’s hostile. Hostile as ever.
Wider eyes for the wild,
Always sees his little sister close to tears.
Both scared and bewildered,
Frightened at even the slightest of movement,
It’s like crying in silence.

Terrified but daring not to vent
For this night might turn into our year’s end.
Banished from the light of day.
Awkward silence, louder heartbeats feels
As if we are being stalked by violence
A breakout of civil war seems almost expected.
Heavy mood.
No barriers could be moved,
Not with this much tension!!
Just a pen’s click as it so often happens.
Writes down our sentences
On the chart above our bed’s headboard.
Through this deadly affair,
A nightmare approved ready event.
Play by his rule or do repent!