I am on a journey to another world
I am on a journey with no end
I am leaving my father’s land
I am leaving my mother’s hands
I hope to see them again
I hope to see them all well

My soul has led me away
My feet have led me astray
My heart has been bleeding for days
I have been away from home for four days
It’s summertime with long days
I’m a sight for sore eyes with a long gaze

I think I arrived in the city on the wrong day
I think everyone here interprets me the wrong way
Is it because I haven’t taken a bath all the way?
Is it because maybe I left home dirty anyway?
What could I have done? This was the only way
What could I have done? There was no other way

I came here to make a way, I didn’t run away
I didn’t come here to mourn and weep away
I have new goals and ambitions every day
There’s no such thing as early days
I have to start hustling right away
If I do this, I have to do this the right way