Like a beautiful rainbow with many colors
That’s how I see the beauty of life
When I see humans it is like I’m with great gods
That are in the land of the living

The cultural and traditional songs of the AmaXhosa kingdom,
My tribe awakens my old, fiery, wind-blowing, bold, brave spirit
My feet begin to hear the rhythm that comes from
My heartbeat, soul, and beyond my knowledge
I start to dance for my tribe, and other tribes as well

I am really loving entering the locked, closed doors
Although they are locked, I can enter
It must be my magic that unlocks those locked doors
What can I say?

My father had royal blood running in his veins
That makes me a child with royal blood
I am royalty
I am a princess of AbaXhosa Bomthonyama
Therefore I’m sending my greetings to my forefathers