You destroyed my dreams and those of my children too.
My life will never be normal again.
I let you treat me like trash, cheat on me and now
I’m your punching bag. Oh Farai,
Why don’t you just take a knife and stab me to death.

You hate me and my children so much that
You don’t want to let us go.
My children are gripped with fear so much that
They run and bury themselves in their blankets
Whenever they hear your footsteps towards the door.
Oh Farai, why don’t you just burn down the house
So that we can die inside.

You hurt me to an extent that I feel numb.
Dreams have become nightmares,
I watch you sleep like a king the whole night
While I can’t lie on my pillow any more
Both sides are wet. Oh my dear Farai,
Why don’t you just strangle me to death.

Because of you the whole world
Doesn’t want anything to do with me.
You made sure that I’m alone so that
You can torment me to my death. Oh my dear Farai,
Why don’t you just throw me into Pungwe River
So that the crocodiles can devour me.