Standing on the edge of the abyss,
The never-ending pit,
Darkness like no other,
Slowly slowly,
Leaning and leaning,
Facing darkness right in the eye.

This bottomless chasm,
A catastrophe,
Just a breath away,
The blank colour getting steeper and steeper,
Wider and wider,
Or was it the eyes deceiving me?
I didn’t know which was which,
Maybe I was crazy, maybe I wasn’t,
Maybe it was getting steep,

I will never know for real,
How could anything be real in those moments,
Reality is what I had turned my back on,
Or reality had turned its back on me,
Bottom-line, lost I was.

In the midst of it all,
A little light,
Just like the size of a star from earth,
Bright and brighter it got,
Closer it got,
Grew bigger by the minute,
Blinding to the sight,
Painfully piercing,
Several pins thrown in my face,
Bending the tip-edge of a knife.

Eyes shut, to the imagination of last,
Each breath felt like the last,
In and out I continued for minutes,
In and out, and again and again,
Eyes slowly opening,
Abyss was no more,
The once blocked dark road,
Wide, bright and never ending.