It was dark and cooled
But my eyes saw the sunshine,
The beauty I never saw.
I said hey
I guess she didn’t hear me,
She was breath-taking,
I saw her in the dark
As she was the light of the darkness.
I wished to see her again and I did,
Her eyes glow like diamonds, her smile
I can’t explain.
When she laughs the heavens open,
Her walk…
Oh God, I never saw the Angel of Heaven.
I said hey she responded, I almost passed out,
Her voice makes me crazy.
Voice of the singing birds.
I said nothing I just smiled,
And she focused back on the road.
That girl is a thief, a big one,
She managed to steal my heart,
No-one had done that before,
She wanna be my first lover,
Oh I can’t wait to tell her how I feel about her.
Oops she is leaving today
And seems she won’t come back,
I didn’t tell her how I feel.
Oh God why me, but that day,
I won’t forget that day.
That day.