Nothing on earth lives for itself
The river does not drink its water
The sun does not give heat to itself
The tree does not eat its own fruit
Flowers don’t spread their fragrance to themselves
The moon does not take itself to the honeymoon
The very last days of 2017

When last did l have such a genuine laugh
A laugh not of force
The laugh because you are willing to share your happiness
With the people around you
That is the power of nature

l say the power of nature because people form a part of nature
We water the gardens
We nurture the trees so they can bare the sweet fruit we enjoy
But those aren’t the only things that make nature what it is
l once told someone to smile even when you are angry
You will be surprised at how you feel
Smile because it might make someone else happy

Someone made me smile when l thought all was lost
I wish to mention names but from a writer’s view
l would write not nor say it
It’s a secret l wish to keep for myself
But l say unto you the reader happiness does not cost a thing
It just needs you to open up your heart
And listen to the little stories nature tells you

My happiness was brought to me by two young girls
They are of a tender age if l may say but like they say
It is the little things that bring happiness to nature
What is nature?
Nature is that which lives for so long as it does not live for itself

We as humans we have a purpose in life
A role to play in nature so we are able to nurture nature
We are not here for ourselves but to create a heritage
Thank you to everyone who made me smile in the year 2017

This includes you the reader
For it means that you believed in me
And took your time to be reading this story
I titled it nature because l did not know what to call it
Hence nature is the only word that came to mind

Be a fruitful tree, remember you reap what you sow
Nurture nature before nature nurtures you
Share a smile always it might make somebody’s day
I wrote this with smiles on my face because l had great love for what l was doing
Be patient and share a smile

We are Nature
Living for others is the role of nature
Have a glorious 2018