From the day I stepped into the
Corridors of my primary school
I have never forgotten what my parents
Advised me to do in class

They told me to be a hardworking
Person and not playful
They told me to be a good listener
In class and not someone who
Makes his own comedies in class
As the teacher is busy playing
With chalk while his mouth
Shares knowledge

They told me to create a
Strong bond with my friends,
They are the ones who are going
To feed me with the spices of life

They told me to be asking
Questions of wisdom from my
Teachers, they are like my

They seduced my soul with
Books by telling me reading
Is very important when facing
The world out there,
One can never have a handshake
With any job without knowing
How to read

One can never be a friend of exams
If reading is not what one dreams
To wear in everyday life

My mother even introduced me to
A friend called FunDza Literacy Trust,
For my brain to appreciate what reading
Is all about, I never regretted her decision
It was a wonderful idea

From the words of my parents, I
Have now reached another level in
My life that is high like Mount Kilimanjaro.
I now see the rivers that other people
Are still crossing in their life.
My parents have directed my life with a
Joystick to a level that I am now able to
See my destination from afar.