Tell a desperate man
Death is our destiny,
Accepting the gift of life is our tragedy,
Where beautiful faces are smeared with sorrows of rejection.
The world is ours, but ours is not mine and yours without charisma.
“You can’t follow? Then you can’t live here”
The society whispers and demands conformity,
Homogenous styles, ideas, life, and death.

Tell a desperate man to be like all, for acceptance.
I am delighted in my world on my own with my all.
My happiness is the reflection of my bitterness.
The rapture relieves relentless resentments re-lived.
Freed from the chains of the world, sometimes not in
The chains of my own.

Tell a desperate man not to live for the world,
If he curses you from his ignorance,
Bless his soul with the wisdom of self,
Feed his mind with the paradigms and essence of life,
And cast a spell of immortality in his curiosity.