Race – my fate is supposed to keep me safe
But it seems as if my life has turned into an amazing race
Race – my fate is not my fault
Judge me by my deeds rather than my fate
of which I have no control.
For heaven’s sake we were created in His image
Yet race you have inflicted me with thorns
And in their eyes I have grown horns
My ancestors helped in writing this country’s songs
Yet burned I am with petrol

A peaceful country is now losing control
Skin colour becomes the reason why you hate
But what’s the reason behind your deviation?
I suppose you now need spiritual mediation
Beyond and above anything

I can no longer stay strong
My South African country is being wiped by a race storm
I am pleading with every race to stand up
so we can weather the storm
We all have the power to fight this past force
That is now threatening to destroy us all