My promises were to her forever,
cause I vowed it was she or never.
And to protect her from all harms.
But now death cloud her in its arms.
I wonder what she sees in the spirits.
I failed to protect the one I love, I failed.
To keep her from fears, I failed.
Once we were to live ever after but I failed.
I stagger, lost in this labyrinth of life;
Whishing that I ship to be with her.

I don’t care if I see tomorrow or not.
How can I see while my eyes are gone.
The stars shining down, they’re no more.
Like the air has been choked out of me.
All I can do is gasp towards the light.

Who will listen to my wits and laugh at my jokes?
Who will read the movements of my eyes,
And the rhythm of my heart?
Much more worried I am for her than me,
That every night I scream half my sleep away.

Now I know my worst nightmare.
That I cannot protect my jewel anymore.
Her safety I can no longer account.
For she’s far away in a place I cannot see.
Oh death! What have you done?

I can rest when I thought how she lived.
A beauty that radiated goodness.
The rose that fragranced kindness in passion.
A nightingale that serenades the soul.
Her sisters shall not leave her in dark
Cause an amazing angel she was.
Fly her to heaven Oh mirror of Justice;

Array her in thy blossom Oh mystical Rose.
For my best I have done and which she deserves.
Cease not the smiles in her face,
‘Cause most beautiful she is in them.
Songs of love and tenderness are what she fancies,
That I did for her all the days she was.
In battles of the mind I shall live,

Not knowing whether to wish the hands of time to turn,
Or for it to fly to the day I shall die.
That, being the road to us together again.
Whichever, please wait for me.
‘Cause all my days, you I shall love