Maybe I’m not trying enough, but something about this relationship is tough.
Maybe to begin with you were never mine.
Maybe from the start there was a pretence and a lie.
Even when you mentioned the word “love”
something about the way you said it wasn’t quite right…

Yet I’m full of light.
I’m a master in reading between the lines.
If I let you get away with something, it’s because I want to,
not because I haven’t figured it, or you out.

Self-control is the true art, mastered by those who have true love.
So, this game is not yours, but mine.
Pawns and knights.
Chequered boards in black and white.
The Queen protects the King in whatever way she must.
If you don’t know this, you’re too young.
Go learn the rules of life.

So let me bring my tactic to the forefront:
I’m nice, always wearing my best smile.
Friendly, but not friends with everyone.
And to the man I love: “Take advantage of that, and you’ve lost your own crown.”
Take my advice: don’t sacrifice your own life.

Men are sovereign because of the way their women love.
Not because of how well they play around.
Don’t be so common, baby, brush off that stigma, and be proud.
You stand out, so you’re already a King in my eyes.
I see through the disguise.
I applaud how when we’re together, you take off that mask.

But since I’m also disillusioned in mind.
I’ll tell you the reality of you and I – the psychology of “us”
that you probably know nothing about.

Maybe it was lust, the hunger in getting what we always both want.
Superficial vibes.
Though I’d like to think it was more than that.
To give us the benefit of the doubt…
But I’d be expecting so much from a lie…

Maybe that’s life.
Maybe we can move on now.
Maybe whatever we had is done.
“Ducess up!”

We keep trying, going up and down,
but there’s no way out.
Stuck in love
Dissappoint me all you want, hurt me all the time;
but baby I’ve never felt more alive!

This is another lesson I will pick up.
This is another inspirational rhyme.
This is me getting closer to what I most deserve in life.
This is me, again, stuck in love.