I have a special friend
She is not like you and me
She is a fluffy little girl
Just you wait and see.

She has half white fur.
fluffily, like the
Perfect white clouds,
that adorn the blue sky.
And half grey,
like the dust
that tickles your eye.

She sometimes has fleas.
Her hair makes me sneeze.
My nose is tickled by her fur.
But no sound is better than her therapeutic purr.
Her tail so bushy,
like a bush of grey hair.
It will make you look twice.
You will definitely stop and stare.

She is perfect in all ways from tail to every single paw.
She likes to stretch, bite and lovingly claw.
She climbs up a tree,
In the grass runs free.
But most of all,
She likes to cuddle with me.

She’s clawed her way into my heart
In my life, she plays a special part.
She’s not just my pet but a true friend indeed
My bond with her is special,
It’s an unspoken beauty.
To take care of her has become my obligation…
No duty!

I have a special friend
She is special indeed
She appreciates a good pat
Did I happen to mention
My special friend is a cat!