She looked more exquisite in her artificial looks
With cheeks fresh as a newly ripe peach;
Juicy-red cherry lips that give her a sassy look
And commands men to salivate.

She looked perfect in her imperfect body
With her scars beneath her confidence that is as high
As the heels she walks on.
The weave on her head curled like a wave.
Black beauty at its best, is what she portrayed.

The makeup on her face glows and blends in so well with
The colour of her skin.
She is no Barbie doll
But an image of being forever young and free.
Her eye-lashes trimmed just right
She makes even the jealous blush with just a blink.

The perfume she wears smells as expensive as it is.
She’s no gold digger, we just don’t understand her ways.
She’s a queen of her castle and has all the nails and bling
That embrace her body like a crown.

She’s cool, calm and collected for she’s educated
Unlike most, she chose the road less travelled.
Call her fake all you want but she’s hotter than your sister
With braids and brains your girlfriend only dreams of.