Where I’m from.
A home away from home.
A place where hustlers are born, some groomed and taught.
Where pressure, pusha, phanda is the key.
A place with no authority and rules to obey.
A place where Art
and entertainment is valued,
and it creates a bond.
A place with lost souls, a place where drunkards, drug addicts,
izikhothane and amaphara are found.
Ooclever basekasi.
A place for the bravery, you better be,
cos there we got many talents,
gossipers, fake friends and haters always ready to judge.
A place where success is for abaphandayo,
not osjika nelanga nabalalayo,
kalok’ namacherry athand’abaphangelayo.
A place of people with different personalities and views,
a place of people with different beliefs and values.
My home, our home, a home for all.
Where mom meals are never forgotten.
Where an old man shares a house with his parents.
That’s ekasi.
That’s kasi life