Still processing
a straight A pupil’s
application status
is the usual)

like the computers
are off-line like
our brains are off-line
like our humanity

the buck passed
lay the blame elsewhere
(marks not good enough
its #FeesMustFall
apply again next year)

Still processing
almost waiting in vain
a teacher in the making
(loves working with kids
wants to teach those like her)

her dreams almost
smashed by bureaucracy
and over-subscription

her family persisted
how many others don’t
how many others can’t

(from our Bishopscourts
to our Bonteheuwels
to our Brown’s Farms)

Still processing
seems the state of the nation

Should this not be
the front page
“Embarrassment for Parliament”

Still processing

Ruby Benting and her Bonteheuwel family get the run-around: “CPUT finally accepts ‘straight A’ pupil after family persists” (Cape Times, February 10 2016) and “Straight A pupil makes the grade” (Argus, February 10 2016). And, one supposes, “Embarrassment for Parliament” (Argus, February 10 2016). Nkandla or otherwise.