Most of the times believing with no
faith in God destroys our dreams
Because of little faith or not chasing
after our dreams beholds dreamers
believe in yourself.

Associate yourself with people with
the same purpose for the future. Be
a go-getter and always associate with
dedicated hard working individuals.

Never surround yourself with negative
minds because your dream could die
before you even reached it. Dreams do
come true only to those who believe in

Don’t rest until you finally reached your goal,
give yourself some time to think and plan your
dreams in a quiet place alone. Soon after
self-meeting start chasing after your dreams.
It’s hard only the fittest will survive this journey.

An ambitious individual fights for what they
believe in no matter the outcome of the situations.
They aren’t angered easily but passionate about everything they do.
Never mind what other people will say about you just keep on pushing.
One day you will reach your goal because dreams come
true only to self-motivated and driven individuals.

Love, respect and kindness are the most
important element in life
because showing others love
also gives them hope and courage
to never give up their dreams.

Dreamers it’s easy to turn
a deaf ear,
a cold heart,
a silent voice.

It’s easy to doubt your chances of getting
successful if you don’t believe in yourself
by having a low self-esteem. Remember
African dreamers your future is in your
hands. Do what’s good for your life in order
to achieve the dream you’ve been chasing
for quite some time now choice is yours dreamer’s.

Easy ways out are never a solution instead
they will demand your life, work hard until
it pays off. Eventually, you will earn success
then few months your dream will finally be
true soon before you know it believe and
trust yourself every time.