I’m not of this earth
But I’m one with the earth.
It came to be from the pieces
Of where I’m from,
Where I am a different form.

The body I walk in is not me
It’s a ride to my destination.
Where I am is not where I belong
But it is part of growth to make one strong.

I’m a being who poses
A thousand stars and galaxies
In his blood stream.
I am connected to all that breathes
And all that the sun may rest upon.

The rhythm is flawless
Like the dance of the Swan.
I see the world through a different lens,
I can feel a friend’s pain and heartaches.
When I listen, the trees sing a hash tone,
The wind speaks a native tongue.
Soundless to the deaf ears.

I chose not to be ruled by the walls of my fears.
I chose to drink a cup
Filled with my ancestors’ sweat and tears.
I am a free spirit driven, shaped
By the fire of South waters
That burns with blue flames.

It is wild
It can’t be tamed
Nor is it tidy
But not brutal
Yet it cannot be contained.