I want to pain(t)?
In mere honesty as a saint.
I want to paint bright depths of inner secrets,
I want to paint bell ringer day dreams of my honey lover.

I want to pain(t)?
Bright and articulate horizons of the sunset ocean view.
I want to jumble the systematic colours of art on a canvas board,
I want you to appreciate my love like the smooth paste that runs on canvas boards; affectionately spread by the brush.

I want you?
To lean on my chest as comfortable as a paintbrush between artists’ fingers.
I want to paint so bright that the fluids on my brain cells run in a tide pattern of colour.
I want to paint routes that curve ways to where together destiny takes us.

I want to paint an artistic goal of you and I, are you ready for the penalty?
I want to pain(t), with no pain inflicted, no flaws resisted, only colours blended – let me paint you my pain.