Speak up, speak up as the new songs
Songs of divulging all the grim wrongs
To make the publicity for hearing them
That women, girls are facing the problems
Of evincing much against the women, girls
Rape, calling bad names, sex harassment

Speak out, speak out as the brave ditties
Of leading the cries of women, girls to be heard
As this society, the women drowning in river of pain
Pain of calling the tears because of pure violence
Violence of quelling all the women’s rights
Violence of demolishing all the girls’ futures

Speak loud, speak loud as the lofty warning
Of posting a verisimilitude of profound truth
That against our beautiful women and girls
Are truly motifs of inhumane, criminal, evil
Let us stop the gender-based violence
As a verisimilar power of giving a full freedom

Speak now, speak now as a beautiful tune
Of calling a togetherness that together we can
Displaying placards and voicing an awareness
For singing together a profoundest song
In these or those societies or communities
Stop gender-based violence against women and girls.