Some people never understand why the pen is still writing
Everyone is holding a pen writing
Why are we even writing?
Some write to teach others

Some write to give us instructions and rules
Some write, taking notes for further use
Some write agreements between two people.
Some write every event in their lives

Some write historical events
Some write to get merits
Some write for pleasure

The list is endless
They keep writing as if time is ticking
Let me just say why I write

I write things I faced in my life
Some good, some bad
It’s time to let go my feelings
They kept haunting me as if I am in a prison

Writing brings a joy in my life.
Ideas come together after as I start writing
Time is ticking
I can’t stop writing
As I said, writing makes me happy
The truth is:
It’s my passion to write

My dream to be an author
It inspires me more when I can let go of my feelings
It frees my soul and uplifts me

I can now lead my life and move on through writing
No more holding back thoughts that haunt me
It strengthens my spirit and brings happiness to my life

Writing has brought me joy
Long ago, they used ink and a feather to write
Pens were introduced
Now laptops, Smartphones, Tablets and other gadgets are introduced

What will happen in the next generation?

People will write with newly introduced technology
No one stops writing
Time is ticking
Tick tock
Keep on writing
What are you even writing?