Tonight I look at the skies, they are navy blue…
Were they always like this?
Or is it that I usually optically conceived my way out of reality
whenever I visually ruminated in serenity above the night sky?
Where is the moon tonight?
The darkness seems to blur out the white clouds and only a three stars illuminated their way
Out of the lightening threatening skies.

Serenity reigns upon this extra-ordinary night.
A spark of ecstasy devoured my stomach and I long to run
Run away from this shelter that binds me from the freedom of silence
Silence so loud that I…

The hooting of the “bakkie” rouses me back to reality,
Street lights that impale my shut eyes,
The scream of an offspring that terminates the silence,

The stationery car in front of me blocs the evening breeze
that hit me so faintly
leaving behind a territory of icy temperature on cheeks and eyelids,
Sounds of the crickets – a call of nature,
It is funny how their immediate presence
and vision sends chills to my spine.

Having a moment with silence has them worried
so they call out my name to chill
We sit without any proper communication
as we are all glued to our mobiles
We watch other people living their lives,
thoroughly scrutinising for humour within them.
I am dining with Silence
We are exchanging thoughts
Oh dear Silence…