What really makes a woman?
Is it beauty? Her looks?
Her skin tone
being brown or yellow?
If she’s tall or short?
Does her height even count?
Is it the way she walks or even talks?
Thick or better slim?
Big booty?
Big boobs?
Skinny or flat ass?
Does it really matter?
Curvy hips,
flat stomach,
or big belly?
Soft thighs
or ones with stretch marks?
or with sexy figure?

She’s still a girl
and she’s worth it.
She’s beautiful
and will always be.
I’ve seen many die of words,
a monster of society’s expectations.
Body shaming.
I’ve seen some,
the walking dead,
breathing but not living.
Souls slain by the uttered terms:
“She’s ugly”.
“I want a girl with a pretty face
an hour glass shape.”
“I want a lady with a round ass.”
These bullets
always in line in the chamber
of the pistols we carry around.
Our mouths
the deadliest weapon of them all,
killing her softly in front of them all.
It doesn’t matter
they think they’re just talking.
“Why don’t you look like the other girl?”
Shots fired,
bullets fly,
it finds its way right through her heart.
She’s bleeding
feeling naked.
As her confidence is stripped off,
TNT lit at both ends,
C4 waiting to go off.
They plant self-hate
watering it with laughs
fertilizing it with constant mocking.
Making her feel like
she’ll never be good enough.
It’s ripe and it’s self-hate.

Who are they to dictate?
No matter how you are
you’re always looking great.
Worthy of respect,
worthy of love.
You have a heart that knows how to love
and when you do it’s always for real.
You’re a woman
and unapologetically beautiful.
You deserve love
after all
We’re all equal to the man above.