She is found so far away
For she is Miss Independent
Where feet can’t carry me
Only human-made birds can
Big bird
Please take me to her

The youngest daughter in the family of six
Her lovers call her Oceania
She is very beautiful beyond ordinary
Some are unaware of her division
For her people are united
Indeed, her descendants are one

Like a cemetery
All ages and types of mammals are found in her
Giving everyone all the freedom required
She is indeed a mother of all
Her loves is so unconditional
She is a custodian of human rights

Big bird,
Will you please carry me?
I want to land in Canberra
For it is her heart
She is surrounded by water like fish
The big water bodies I have never seen
For my mother has only lakes and rivers
I want to see Adelaide and other big children
The home of all kind of species
For sure, she is full of milk and honey.