The abundance of glamour
The virus is encrypting the world’s happiness.
No digestion, the life is in fear.

Morning, afternoon and evening are a wonder.
Lives are being corroded by the virus.
The self-realisation needs are neglected.
The joints to live are closed
Diversity of population interaction is limited

Incubation period is restricted.
Economic development is liberated.
Where is the world going?

Normal things are no longer normal
Sunrises and sunsets are no longer the same
People are living in fear
Innocent people die every day
People are losing hope
They can’t hustle no more
They can’t get education no more
The poor are suffering

Basic things like having a job
Being with family
Putting bread on the table are actually not basic

With hope we can survive
Together we can win this
We will be free once more
Free to enjoy time with friends
Finally get those warm handshakes
Finally get those cosy bear hugs
Let’s hang on one last time