Tanned colour.
Does it mean she ain’t better than all flowers?
Dark as raven,
Admired by the heavens.
It is just an invisible blee,
Her skin colour.

Doth glance her and smile?
Or she just reminds you of a coal mine?
Abandoned with no peace of mind?
Don’t be a reason she’s stressing,
Being Black is a blessing.

Censure Creator’s creations?
Such beings need medication.
It’s just an invisible blee,
Her skin colour.
Slight glance of her face.

Swear she needs no extra Claire.
No cry for fame, she ain’t fake.
No light brown, she’s black and bright.
This girl, she’s already fighting a
battle challenge by her skin colour.

This poem is about a Black girl
who prides in her skin colour
regardless of the challenges
that are raised by being a Black African