I toss and turn in the coldness of a hollow night.
How did the chilling wind outside the gates of my window
Make its way under my skin?
My head is boiling while my entire body freezing,
What stole my sleep?

I feel exhausted from waiting…
The loudness of the desire to drowse
In the melody of my dreams – deafening.
I feel left in a place of unsettling vulnerability…

A place where the cracks in my heart sing,
The empty parts of my soul breathe,
And my whole being is awakened
In the painful beauty of my artful depths,
In my poetic inner laments,
In the bittersweet tastes of past ecstasy,
In the bliss and pain of what was and what is…

As I consciously lie, midnight gradually approaching
And moonlight nowhere near gracing the lonely sky
I feel unrelieved,
Battling inner walls crashing in,
Ancient walls collapsing,
Drowning in blurry thoughts…
What stole my sleep?