Her veins are a river brimming sweet waters of life
Her tears are gold: the treasure that falls from her eyes
Her strength is amazing like that of a digger in a mine in filthy Jozi
Her skin as brown as caramel, her hair black diamond
She is nature itself…

Her heart is a rock impeccable with incredible might
It braves cold winter mornings and hot summer nights
It embraces windy springs and the dryness of autumn
It battles the odds of life and always comes out tops
It is nature in itself…

Who is she? But a woman
A woman who knows how to treat her man
The pillar of the strength of the world;
Forever oozing confidence and forgiveness in her word
She is nature itself

Goddess of the world, mother of the nation
Shepherd of lost flocks always there to guide them to the right directions
She carries the weight of the world in her diminutive shoulders
Her womb is a safe train that delivers her off-spring
She is nature itself

Who is she? But a woman of insurmountable might and power
A woman overflowing with love and protection
In terms of love, she gives more than necessary
The best of qualities and the greatest in quantity,
But she never regrets

She understands that she is a spot on creature resembling peacefulness of nature
And in her ways she reflects the calmness, gentleness and beauty of nature
Who is she, but nature itself?