When you are thirsty come drink in my well
When you really down never be afraid to tell
I will always do my best to make you feel better and well
That`s what a true friend is all about
To water the plants of the other when under horrible drought

Carrying each other’s burdens when e one is not coping
Always offering a helping hand when one is falling
And needs a pull out of life`s tragedies and miseries
In that way, my friend, you and I, will make worthwhile memories
Out of bad situations we will walk out triumphantly

Our heads held high with pride and dignity
For we don’t let life’s tough-comings drag us to the pits
We are strong enough to pull up the socks sagging our feet
You pulling mine and I pulling yours!
Is that not but true friendship that will open all doors?
That led to your heart

So that there in your heart I, also, can have a place I call home
For when the world turn its back on me and I feel alone
I can always run to you
And there`s no words that better explains the healing you will do to my broken heart
Taking your time patiently picking up those broken hearts to mend
That`s why I am never afraid to call you my dearest friend

For when I am down and out you always offer a helping hand
When in a desert of depression you always pull me out of the sand
Is that not but the truest a friendship can be?
Your friendly companionship spreads all over my heart
Like the sea spreads out on earth
I am not too proud to call you my friend you are never too proud to pull me out of life`s dumps

When I had given up and thrown the towel
You will be there for me and teach me the ways of life
Like a teacher would teach a child the importance of a vowel
A, E, I, O, U