Here I am.
Humbling myself to you.
I am not seeing you but
Have a feeling. A feeling
That now you are here
Around me. Right now
Please borrow me your ears.
Let’s make it man to man.

My ancestor’s, grandparents
Protected you so secretive.
As I have seen my own lovely
Mother carry you that way.
The pastors and prophets
Busy beating on other side
Of the bush. Messengers they
Never came to tell.

Life is doing likewise every t
Time. No one prepared to reveal you.
Hoping that you remember me.
As I tried several times to
Reveal you. I shattered down
And lost my closest people.

My revelation about you left
Me so ugly. Though after
Pitched out felt like relief.
I am still hunted by speaking
Out the secrete.

I am confronting you because
Of what I am seeing. World is
Being run by secrets. Once saw
People tearing them apart.
Other’s build togetherness b
Because of you.

Other’s survived life because
Of you. Secrete you taste salty
And bitter when revealed.

I was told about you in detail.
Worry because seeing them
Perishing in this world.
Other’s blown by air to
Places of wonders.

Asking myself how am I going to
Run their empire. Not even know
The secrets that strengthen their
Legacy abroad.

Speak your heart out loud secrete.
Tell me so that I can tell the
Nation. You know that you know
What we don’t know. Tell me your
Advantages and disadvantage.
Show me the good inside yourself.
Remember this is a man-to-man

Lucky is that you have seen them
Protecting you. Protecting you
Against the evil. Using you for
Their own world benefits.
In their rising and falling you
Walk with them. Some you have
Accompanied them till to their
Graves. Left children, family
And the whole nation crying tears
Of wonders.