You are incredible; you mean so much to me.
You are my everything; I’m ready to take it to the next level.
I can’t get over you, I’m all about you,
And you have got what I need.

You are not bad, I adore you, and I worship you,
There is no other, you are so awesome.
You are amazing, I can’t leave without you,
And I’m addicted to you.

I need you; you are my pride,
My everything, my soul, my life, my choice.
My opportunity, my future, my success, what can I say?
Oh, my words that lead me to a brighter future with no harm.

I really appreciate what they say:
“If you fall you can pick yourself up.”
I also like the way they talk to me:

“People change, love hurts, friends leave,
Things go wrong,
But remember that life goes on”.

I am a young poetess full of words
That are a good inspirational to others.
I am me, myself and I, nothing more and nothing less!