Who will tell about my roots.
Tell about my fertile culture.
The stories of my grand great-fathers.
Teach me about the African continent.

Share deep about the origins of
African people. Praises and
Glory to GOD. For making me
The African black child.

Most things were untold to the
Black child. They were never
Told about their own lovely parents.
Not because they don’t know…
As the black child from Africa
Things happened.

They happened spontaneously to
A black child. Because GOD mercy
Covered a black child. That was
The black African child of that time.
As they received GOD’s grace that way.
Today I see a neglected black child.

It’s confirmed to me that the grace
Is not like before. Due to the way
Of doing things. Teach black Africans.
Give them tools to face the world.
Arm them with weapons of survival.

Make them resourceful to defend themselves.
Tell history to them dirty as it is.
Just to save a black child of today.
Feed them with rich information.

Share with them how the world operates.
Let them starts to know and hear
Things from you. Before they mislead
the black skin again.