The Viljoen family
Pillars of my near fell colosium
Pillars unshaken by Samson
Ears that heard my cries
Cries in the jungle of tangled walls
Reached to me behind the curtains of mankind
Refused to be the mouth piece of criticism
And offered me hope where danger winks.

In my second chance
I know whom to thank
Your kindness will be reckoned in Ngqele’s home
Time past, what I once were through my own defaults
Whom have I to complain to but myself?
Yet, you gave me a second chance without question

My fellow persons, jail cells are bad effect
I shall but preach this in my second chance.
For Correctional Services has instilled the sense of ‘Wakkerness’ in me
I’m the creator of my own universe, renounced from the clique of
Menagerie beasts. In chess moves, check,
In my move to second chance, you raised me to conquer
I look in the mirror, what I see is not a humour,
For it is a thing to remember.
You helped to create a proper behaviour.
Life is not a rumour, but a very cruel question to answer.
I’ll grasp tightly, and go on to m y second chance.