Baby I love you so much,
I need you close to me.
And I want to spend my life with you.
So honey, please don’t leave me.

I always tell you how much I love you
And please don’t make me angry,
Because really I am capable of anything.
I could just get onto you.

I could fight fire with water,
But I am capable of fighting fire with fire.
So please, please don’t leave me.
Why would you leave me?

I could play by your rules.
I could be living under your spotlight.
I could be as sweet as honey,
But could also be as sour as a lemon.

Really I am capable of almost anything.
I could make you play in court,
I could make you follow my rules.
I could make you want to stay.

Or you’d stay because I want you to stay.
I could break a few of your bones.
Baby my hubby I love you,
Please don’t leave me.