You withered like a spring day.
I became your carbon copy.
You loved and fed me.
You taught and protected me.
Now that you are gone.
I am crushed in spirit though I cannot shed a tear for you.

You were my mentor and motivator.
Now that I am your carbon copy.
I am assuming the responsibility you were preparing me from my young age.
Glad to say I will handle it.

I have accepted that my king and warrior has rested.
Now that I am a better man cause of you.
I can smile and say with pride you did your job excellently by raising this man.
As a parent you outdid your role.
As a child I have kept your commands.

You were an extraordinary man.
I look up to you wishing I could be like you.
Now that I am wounded.
Like a soldier I have to march on as a leader.

People ask why did I become a writer?
It was because of you the potential that I unleashed.
Now that I have given everything up for them.
It’s time I start over and lead the family.
By supporting and providing for them.
Hope I can gather the strength and courage.
To protect and teach them like you did to me.

I cannot trade you for anything.
I have this hope that this man has
That they will be a resurrection of good and bad.
Now I take my hat off to you.
And say, Ciao.