Switching between
Gears of emotion
Fears of devotion
As a heartbeat swerves
Along a racetrack of love
Doves watching from above
Spectators of the clouds

Wherein a forbidden crowd’s
Dauntless eye consumes
A tyreburn of fumes
Like five Fast & Furious films

Whilst my
Adrenaline phlegmatically
Drag-races towards my wrist
Goosebumps dancing on skin
Fragrance of philtres in the air

As a baby kiss burns her lips
Like a phoenix in the mist
And leaves her heart pregnant
With emotional plaudits
Her plausible eye
Applauding my assertiveness
With a prudish smile

Whilst tunes of Guns N’ Roses
Disguise the presentiment fact
Of love-waiting, the gods raging,
Their punishment discerning
To unbox as a cute, demon child
In the mystery of incestuous blurry
Lines blood lines and love lies