In memory of my Mom, Fettjie Mamatjie Skosana uNoFanezile.

In your finest touch imprints are left forever
My marble eyes still waiting to watch you day in and out
You moulded me with carefully drawn lines
I remember that there were drawn by you who loves me best
And brought me joy with special moments
That I cannot forget mom
Is the reason you are still remembered
Your mark still put the charisma on my small visage
This character is still full with your beautiful art
This was decorated by you with your artistic skill
I am now walking tall with head up high
I am no longer the hollow man
On more careful analysis
I thank you very much my Mom
You were always looking for the best for your own children
That is why even now I am moving on my own
That it is why I am still sensing and feeling your presence
You are the reason for me to understand myself
I know how much you struggled with your life
You spent most of your life sitting on hot coals
Evil people threw you with spears of death
They crossed their fingers in the air
Lifting their noses when you passed
My bond with you is forever
GOD will be humble by His grace because of you
I am always with you in my prayer
They did not like you so unto meMom
I will stay humble as you taught me Mom
GOD’s glory be with you forever, MaSkosana