When people are hungry there’s nothing they won’t do…
So everyone has a price
If you ain’t as hungry as I am
We won’t eat together.

But know that I only eat with those I’ve starved with
I always tell my friends that hunger is a disease
That can’t be cured but can be prevented
That’s why we eat.

A wise man once said:
“You’ll need a doctor or teacher often in your life
But you’ll need a farmer three times a day.”

There’s no greater thing than to have power (money) in this life
The poor walk miles to hustle for food
While the rich run miles to digest food
We didn’t choose to be born poor but it’s our choice to die poor.

When you’ve got the power
Life is easy, I say the rich live longer
As they can afford life
Medicines, love, happiness and food (diet).

The rich eat according to their health
But the poor eat to fill their stomach.