So I guess this won’t work now,
But I’m not too sad somehow.
Life lives gives,
And nothing takes.
So this I will put on the shelves,
When the moment comes,
I will dust it off
And cherish again.

We walked faster than our steps,
Till we got stuck and trapped in our own webs.
Your presence felt like a throne,
I was King and you were Queen.
And things happened,
Then I woke up.
Now I realise that you’re the pearl far from reach,
A lesson my kids I will gladly teach:
Light the candle before the night dominates the day,
When night comes,
There the light will shine like the moon.
So I will hang this up sky high,
On the shelves of my unconscious,
When the moment comes I will polish you and me
Into a diamond I thought we were,
I can only hope and pray that the moment ain’t too far.

Every heartbeat was genuine,
But doubts were there.
I knew that we would part ways,
That the sun wouldn’t shine in all our days.
So when the dawn visits our caves,
I will light the bulb
And free us from time,
and again we will shine.