a dog by any
other name
(whatever its
honourable gender)

it’s a dog’s life
(let sleeping dogs)

one might be
badgered doggedly
followed chased
(captured even)
by dogsbodies

who dog you
(hound you)
come the season
of flesh-pressing

a dog has
its day
(though not
necessarily in court)

or as a besuited one
was called by a red beret
a dog of white monopoly
capital(ism) – WMC

(might he have wanted
to say capitalist running dog
or is that too dog-eared
leftist struggle-speak)

they wanting to out
his owner his handler
a new and special
type of imperialism

but a dog
by any
other name

come election-time
will it be the everyday
honourable business
of dog eat dog