I ain’t pretty at all.
Gazing in the mirror
All the words you’ve said
Hunting my mind
I am ugly.
You’ve said I am ugly,
You’ve called me anorexic.
And yet am hurt
I ain’t pretty at all.

Girls are called yellow bones,
And yet am called gorilla bones.
Everyone condones,
It’s true.
I am ugly.

As I am gazing in the mirror,
Tears flow down my face,
Wish I could do some changes on my body,
In fact on my face

I cried,
Cause I am mocked
I’ve got no company,
Everyone hates me.
I ain’t pretty at all.

Pain has consumed my mind,
My life has fell into an abyss,
Nobody seems to admire me,
I either get not lust,
They say am annoying,
I’m fat,
Not pretty at all.
I ain’t pretty at all…

It’s more like living in wilderness,
Should I attempt a suicide?
Nobody cares,
I am doing it.
For the sake of my happiness

To everyone that I’ve scared,
With my ugliness
Please read my apology,
I want to die sinless
Please forgive me

I don’t belong here,
I am scared to be here,
I cry,
I cry,
I am sorry.
I’m sorry that am not pretty,
I’m sorry that am ugly.
I’m sorry that I’m hurt

I’m sorry,
I’ve scared you,
I am sorry,
That I am fat,
I am sorry,
That I don’t deserve to be in your world
I pop in without requesting

Please rejoice my death,
Celebrate my absence
I’m releasing you to see pretty people
Turn me into ashes
Just so,
Nobody will see my ugly grave,
With my silly name
Good luck to your happiness.
With a hope to find mine…

I ain’t pretty at all.