many will never appreciate us
They’ll never be thankful
Good things we do yet noone praises us
With a single mistake we get judged
I wonder who told them we’re perfect
Let them take us for fools
Let them use us like tools
And let karma heal our pains

I’m an eighteen years old teen
I know less about life
But I do know that people are cruel
They watch us bleed and tell us no pain no gain

Life is complicated
Wars and courts bring us closer than human nature
Love gives birth to hatred
Peace is just a dream
It exists only in our naps
Life feels like a curse and a blessing at the same time

We’re blessed to see another day
But also cursed to be alive
For we cry each day as we live
Tears and pain became daily bread to our women and kids
They are killed and abused daily
Violence is what our men feed to the powerless souls
Homicide attract everyone’s attention
Abortion is ignored
But why ….
Dear God hear me cry …..