I wish I could man up and face you
And tell you how many hearts you have broken
How much pain you have caused
Because every time you see a smile on our faces
You make sure that you come to us and leave floods in our eyes
You make sure that we drown in the sorrows
Sometimes I think God is punishing us
Because we don’t follow all His rules
God, we are sorry for being the sinners
But please don’t punish us with death
That really breaks our hearts
It is really breaking us apart
Death you are a monster
You make us sinners in front of God
You make us afraid of you
You make us believe that you are higher than God,
My God, please give us the power of fighting death
Give us Samson’s strength and build up our faith
Because now the world is bowing and praising this monster.
I wish I could say Death you have no power