Pathway of life
As Anotel France once said
You learn to speak by speaking
To study by studying

To run by running
To work by working
And you learn to love by loving.

Each day drags forth the waves
Waves turn into learning curves
That offer wisdom to those in search of it

For whatsoever life throws which is virulent
Leaving only the remnant of wounds
We turn those remnants into seeds of wisdom,

If it vindicates us with lemons with ought to convert it into lemon juice,
For deep within sits a chief convertor.
Changing each and every situation
That is not aligned with our purpose.

Ali once uttered great words
He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.”
Life bows down for no man
Nor should men be cowardice

Eat or get eaten
The only rule in the jungle
Iron sharpens iron

Fire makes gold
And great being are of earth.
We know legends for their footprints
They did not appear like magicians

Through the valley of the shadow of death
They walked with the great lion of all lions,
the great lion of Judah.

When with the lion of Judah, who can be against you?
Ndau ya Judah ine liguluvhe lihulu la lounde
Lawa nga magona

La losha.
Iwe ndau ire ntha ha dzothe
Ndi amba iwe ndau ya Judah