Pain is something that I cannot explain in words.
Pain needs you to relate not to understand the hearsay.
We say time heals while we forget some pains cannot heal.
I scream and seek for healing but can’t smell the peace.
Pain of death defeats me and my emotions start to be weak.
Pain deep inside needs a special remedy to vomit piece of it.
Change of my feelings is short story of my pain.

Wish to kill this pain just need deadly weapon to use.
I refuse to accept defeat even when I lose.
Praying for so long will God ever answer my prayers.
I foresee pain in my eyes during the day and night.
Pain is a heavy burden that I can’t remove on my shoulders.

Pain is painful you can tell by the tone of the word.
Everybody faces their pain be careful of what you say.
My brain wants to chase pain away but doesn’t have the ability.
I am king only if I can shift this pain far from me.
Let peace be reality ‘cause it will reveal the true me and change the world.