got it all in but just not what I desired
it sometimes fades and swirls with the wind
I remain nonchalant because I am tired
the drama of the enchanted devotion wrestled the pillars
of the forest.
love is all that remains as my hope flies away with the wind,
now I am on a quest.
I will wait and die while the ozone layer is dissipating.

like an eclipse giving way to a glorious phoenix.
ways get blurry as glory reflects on the other side.
the china breaks as the flute screams,
for I do not have to hope for dreams.
because a dream is all just hope

lucid dreaming day on day to witness creation
startling the soul of past that invaded the youth
of today to share the folktale of the coming millennium.
slavery of thoughts that tarnish as of pharaohs mirrored
like magnesium.

self-introspection turned into a quest for hope
chasing after hope in a room full of mirrors
watching it trapped up like a genie in a bottle
optimistic mind tells me to open the bottle
pessimistic mind tells me to walk away.
finally I chose to open the bottle and claimed my hope.