Don’t you ever underestimate
The power of β€˜feelings’
My dear, not just any feelings
But real feelings
That spark what you never feel
For anyone else but him

Have you ever touched feelings and got
The vibrancy that will take you to unknown places?
Have you seen them, and got to see
The glow in somebody else’s face?
Have you ever tasted them and got
The mouth-watering, succulent flavour?
Wait, have you anyhow smelt them and got
The big aroma that will keep on tickling your nose?
Or perhaps the Sound of them?

No! all of these five senses will never work
Do you know why?
Feelings are meant to be felt
They can make your relationship a rigid object
They will always keep your relationship warm
Even when acidic,
And cold words are uttered because of anger
Feelings will never allow anything
To dig a trench between two love birds.

Now you cannot say that you lack
The capacity to feel affection. NEVER!